Shop Talk: Teil Duncan’s Colorful Studio |

Shop Talk: Teil Duncan's Colorful Studio

theglitterguide:We’re so inspired by these talented people that we had to share with our readers 12 Artists You Need To Know.

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pretty art supplies * {style me pretty -- a valentine's craft party, Photography: Heidi of White Loft Studio / Design & Styling: Style Me Pretty / Location: Heidi of White Loft Studio‘s House}


Well-used artist palettes & brushes are, in themselves, a great and keep-sakes of past

Sara N Bergman Love Warriors__4

A wonderful monochrome industrial work space for Love Warriors creative director and illustrator Sara Bergman.

From: Another Man's Treasure

I wanted to keep the tones of this one dark and dramatic with the light focused mainly on the bristles of the brushes.

The word peinture means painting in french. I thought it was a new word that covered a new teknique : a picture (photo) merged with painting (painted upon)