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Waste -Foster the People Seriously one of my top 10 fave songs! Such beautiful lyrics!

EMMA TUT5: This poster of a movie for the anchor man shows constrained visual language by utilizing features of the man in the movie in simplified imagery to depict the face of the man. This gives a simple idea of what the main character in the movie looks like. Having only the imagery and text and background colour on the poster created a overall simplistic feel about the poster that just gets to the point.

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy [Adam McKay, «Dress the Part: 10 Movie Posters Inspired by Mens Style Author: James Alexander Mathers Andrew Lau

Yes! Some classics that we grew up on. I'm missing some... Fill me in.  A? Back to the Future, Coming to America, Dirty Dancing, ET, F?, Ghostbusters, Hooch, Indiana Jones, MJ, Karate Kid, LABYRINTH!!, M? N? O?007 maybe, Princess Bride, Q?, Rambo, S? Teenwolf, U? V looks like Twins, W? X? Y? Z?

It's Wednesday and to help get you over the hump-day slump we thought it would be cool to share the Film Alphabet Poster. The Film Alphabet posters are made by UK designer Stephen Wildish. Do you thing you have the chops to name all of the movies?

Mac Miller. <3

mac miller quotes , means to me dont be afraid of life and just take a chance.

Across the Universe ~ Painted Lyrics

‘Across the Universe ~ Painted Lyrics’ Canvas Print by Christina Darcy

Once Upon a Dream-Lana Del Rey

Once Upon a Dream-Lana Del Rey


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