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USAF F-16C Falcon from the 122nd Fighter Wing " Blacksnakes" of the Indian Air National Guard.

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Of 809 Naval Air Squadron, HMS Ark Royal, performing what the Bucc did best - coming in low and fast. Later scrapped at Brough Photo taken at IAT - Photo taken at Greenham Common (EGVI) [CLOSED] in England, United Kingdom on July


The Raptor is one of the most secretive planes in existence. The military doesn't want you to know much about this stealth monster, but that's why

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that's pretty much what an is. says that the gun would actually slow the plane when sustained fired. Why have the Soviets-putinists-commie-chinese not copied this yet?

F4H / F-4 McDonnell Phantom II. 1961-1996. McD submitted an unsolicited proposal to USN for an F3H Demon upgrade; an all-weather fighter, fleet defense interceptor, all weather, carrier and land based fighter armed with exclusively missiles. An internal cannon was added in E models. Served in USN, USMC, USAF.

Navy's McDonnell Douglas Phantom II of the "Fighting Falcons" Squadron from the USS Constellation (CVA doing a dogfight with a MiG.

Northrop YB-49: Flying Wing precursor to the Stealth Bomber (B-2 Spirit)

Northrop jet powered flying wing, precursor to the Spirit stealth bomber.

F-22 Raptor Breaks Sound Barrier On Camera

F-22 Raptor Breaks Sound Barrier On Camera

Breaking the sound barrier. Military jets used to do this all the time over our house in rural Maine.breaking the sound barrier.

The+X-15+as+it+appeared+on+its+rollout+day+in+1958.+The+nose-mounted+air+data+boom+was+later+replaced+with+a+ball+nose+that+could+withstand+the+heating+rates+and+low+pressures+of+X-15+flight.+(NASA).jpg 1,000×1,239 pixels

The+X-15+as+it+appeared+on+its+rollout+day+in+1958.+The+nose-mounted+air+data+boom+was+later+replaced+with+a+ball+nose+that+could+withstand+the+heating+rates+and+low+pressures+of+X-15+flight.+(NASA).jpg 1,000×1,239 pixels


11 amazing A-10 Warthog images

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#Stealth #Drone #X-47B

New View of stealthy drone X-47B

This stealthy unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is the size of a fighter jet, and will be taking off and landing from the deck of an aircraft carrier. This is an unusual overhead view of the scary looking plane, which was mistaken for a UFO at least once.

Real(Mislabeled) - Captioned as: "B-52 Breaking the Sound Barrier" - This is a B-52 Bomber flying thru a moisture/condensation barrier at subsonic speed.... another link: http://www.spacewar.com/reports/Boeing_B52_With_CONECT_Upgrade_Accomplishes_First_Test_Flight_999.html and discussion in comments: https://reposti.com/p/V7 (644 mph top speed for B-52(I don't know about secret versions.) vs 768 mph speed of sound.)

Boeing "Stratofortress"breaking the sound barrier. I can't believe my grandfather flew that giant Bomber.