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"Es kann nur einer siegen und das sind wir", "Adolf Hitler am 8. November 1939, by Gottfried Klein, publisher Verlag Heinrich Hoffmann, Munich, with special postmark.

"Es kann nur einer siegen und das sind wir", "Adolf Hitler am November

A Vichy French poster encouraging the able-bodied citizens of France join their European neighbors in the crusade against Bolshevism. A French knight is shown to fuse old glories with modern times, a common element in Fascist symbology.

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Qu'est ce que les NAZIS VEULENT, CONDITIONS NAZIS DE LA PAIX EMISES 1941 - Article Preview - Old Magazine Articles

Abstractness for Movie Poster Nazi Germany's blitzkrieg or lightening war was a powerful way to take over quickly and keep steamrolling!

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German poster for the Bund Deutscher Mädel. (The League of German Girls or League of German Maidens).

German SS recruiting posters worldwartwo.filminspector.com

German recruitment poster for the SS Prinz Eugen Regiment

World War Two Poster #bombgirls

US WWII war time propaganda: "Know your place. Shut your face"