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Its cuz he's Irish isn't it?>> is it cuz he's a lefty>it's cause he's a blonde isn't it?

Lol i feel niall my friends always do this to me

2013 haz❤️

They're not all the same person. I refuse to believe that our little Harry Styles who worked in his small town bakery is an actor in a movie. A Chris Nolan movie. They aren't the same person.

This actually happened to me yesterday in 7th block

If I hear One Direction mentioned I am automatically involved in your conversation- so true!

and then after this tour we have another coming....sometimes i wonder if they ever wanna stop touring and just be able to relax and maybe start a family or just be able to chill out in public without body guards and not get mobbed

So depressed wwa is over. Couldn't go to a concert :( they did an amazing job:-):-):-) at least the movie is this weekend:-):-)

Oh niall, always eating! Haha I love him! #zayn #mailk #onedirection

just go with it zayn what would the world do without niall?oh yeah and its food who dosent love it this isnt your first time meeting niall ;

niall the interviewer

find it on we heart it. I just watch the Ellen Show where One Direction play "Never Have I Ever" and Harry isn't honest on several question (Ellen's think). But Harry just so cute when he confused to answer "I Have" or "I Never Have" :*

That would be amazayn I would be in shock for a minute

I would scream and wack them with a pillow jk. I would look back down at my phone and pretend nothing happened.

This was me!

And Diana. And Don't Forget Where You Belong. Or Night Changes. and the rest of the songs.plus I don`t that the first time I do it everytime

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Aww Lou why do ya got to be so adorable. It kills us girls, man! Louis Tomlinson stop it