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Caption from the Sept. issue of LIFE: "[French actress] Barbara [Laage] wears suit with no fear of disaster, except in a rough surf because it has been tied on with good strong knots.


Femme fatale Ava Gardner in swimwear that attracted the likes of Frank Sinatra, Howard Hughes, and Ernest Hemingway. Gardner’s performance in the 1946 smash hit The Killers earned her notoriety in.

Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot ♡and i don't care who sees it babe, i don't wanna hide the way i feel when you're next to me♡

beach wear

Inspiration: The 50's

Vintage Beach Picture - it'd be fun to do this with some girlfriends! Can anyone do vintage hair

Modelos Tomando el sol, uso de última moda de playa

Models Sunbathing, Wearing Latest Beach Fashions Photographic Print by Nina Leen - by AllPosters. Over Posters & Art Prints. Fast Delivery, Satisfaction Guarantee, Value Framing.

| Esther Williams

Esther Williams, legendary swimming actress, poses for a publicity shot for her 1953 film "Dangerous When Wet. Williams, who was called "America's Mermaid," died on June 2013 at the age of

Street style de los 30s, 40s y 50s

Models Simone D’Aillencourt and Ward Purdy posiing with a whippet at Penn Station, New York, Photo by William Helburn. :) Whippets always look as if they're in need of both a hug and a doggie sweater.

Colección de verano (1955), en la lente de Nina Leen.

LIFE MAGAZINE Miami fashions, model in suitable settings for afternoon and casual play clothes. Location: Miami, FL, US Date taken: 1955 Photographer: Nina Leen

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