Voldemort’s Assistant Kevin

'Voldemort's Assistant, Kevin' by Anna-Maria Jung and Andrew Bridgman. Ohh poor Kevin :( So undervalued by MrDramaticDarkLord

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Harry, this is why no one believes you when you make accusations. However, he was right when Draco was trying to kill Dumbledore, but no one believed him to to past accusations.<<< boy who cried wolf

lol @Fiona Pelkie

Funny pictures about Best face expressions. Oh, and cool pics about Best face expressions. Also, Best face expressions.

Beyond the Veil by *Avender on deviantART  Sirius Black and James Potter, beyond the Veil {sobs} >>> oh feels

Beyond the Veil by *Avender on deviantART Sirius Black and James Potter reunited again! So Harry saw Kings Cross because that was where he could escape from the normal world to Hogwarts. Sirius escaped from Hogwarts to his friends.

At first I thought it was James and baby Harry, but it'd Harry and one of the Pottlings.

HP cast

Now all of them are on the same level :")

LoL! You could only get this if you've seen Mean Girls. =)

i know this is supposed to be a mean girls joke but i think all you die hard harry potter freaks will agree with me when i say the funniest thing about this picture is that Voldemort has a nose! <-- and Bellatrix is smiling

It's Like Cooking by laerry on deviantART

It's Like Cooking by laerry on deviantART. That's how I've always thought of it. That's why I don't understand why potions was so hard other than Snape was the teacher.

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This is one of the two posts that made me laugh about Fred's death. Made me said, but made me laugh, nevertheless. <<< This is freaking hilarious and it's totally something Fred would say

Harry Potter with Hermionne and Ron Fan Art

Here is a little illustration of Harry Potter with Hermionne and Ron. by Marine V.