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Arrivederci ~ goodbye// my grandmother says this to me every time leaving there house and driving away (memories to stay with love)


We all know the Holiday season has just started and we are already excited for our plans to go on trips and visiting our home towns and all . Holiday season always comes with a joy and never fades …

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Everyday is summer.we are always on island a year round bikini kinda life, shop and fall in love with the hottest swimwear and cover-up styles!

Compliment postcard book - assorted

Compliment postcard book - assorted

you should totally send someone a compliment! our compliment postcard book lets you tell people how great they are in the most visually pleasing way possible. and yeah, you can totally frame thes


We’re dreaming of a summer holiday.

This would be a cute tat, easy to hide, and probably wouldn't hurt that much haha

This would be a cute tat, easy to hide, and probably wouldn't hurt that much…

quote, sun, and summer afbeelding

Manchmal muss man einfach loslegen. Die Abenteuer kommen dann schon von alleine.

And the adventure begins. / Original Canvas / Lettering by The Happy Candle / Dian

salt in the air, sand in my hair

Summer Desktop Wallpaper

We've got plenty of salty air and sandy hair at Scrub Island Resort. Come visit us for an unforgettable beach vacation.

Beach days are here to stay.

To the beach days!

April Maroshick: Vlog: Family Vacation Upstate!

"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes including you." - Have a blissful weekend from MCM. Tune out from social media and into LIFE!


Face it if women stopped shopping, the economy would be in a world of hurt !


summer in a nutshell

Save the bees

The funny thing about me is, I'm the kind of person who would have a bee allergy, and promote saving the bees, because even though they could kill me, I'd want them to have a chance to live.

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Vacay all day! quotes Share and Enjoy!

Vacay all day!