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Seokjin is a blessing...and I don't doubt he would say that himself

Seokjin is a blessing.and I don't doubt he would say that himself More Seokjin X Bandana's PLEASE

Yup ... that's what happens when you say that

“ BTS is gay cause they wear make up” *i clap then two suited men drags hater away*


Happy Birthday to overgrown baby bunny of BTS. The Golden maknae who has the whole of BTS wrapped around his pinky especially a certain mochi.

Meanwhile I look like a walking potato with eyes that's half asleep when I get out of the car

I swear car doors have some sort of sorcery that only works on Bangtan

#BTS as your classmate ❤  © explicitlyjimin

as your classmate ❤ © explicitlyjimin

So did jimin get taller or is it the angle

Yoongi told his mom dad and has that he gets bullied so they showed up at school to come to the rescue LOLOL Bts army

This is gonna be me Why does education in UK have to be so complicated???

This is gonna be me😭 Why does education in UK have to be so complicated?

That boy is gonna go from Jungkook to Jongkook I swear

Lol I'd rather him act however he likes rather than preserving some kind of 'image'

Its all said in there

Which bitch thinks my Hobi is not handsome, I see you, you ugly ass slut, shut yo mouth, you're totally blind

Omg so adorable >u< his teeth are so cuteeee ^3^

who photoshopped this masterpiece u need 1000 dollars