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The image below is a continuation of my previous April Fools’ Day comic.

p aori (splatoon) black hair black hat black jacket black shirt black shoes blue pants blue shoes bracelet brown eyes bucket cabbie hat capri pants casual chin rest commentary cross-laced footwear earrings eating english fangs food food on head

It has been inside my mind for a while and I think it’s time for a change. Introducing the Squid Brothers.

Callie and Marie genderbends

Squid sisters Annie glenna

anemo (splatoon) aori (splatoon) black hair clownfish domino mask english glasses glenna nalira headphones headphones around neck heart hotaru (splatoon) kumano (splatoon) long hair looking at another mask multiple girls short hair splatoon standing

Feels like Halloween has arrived early this year.

gomigomipomi: “ Feels like Halloween has arrived early this year.

Sapphire (@gomipomi) | Twitter

+ + angry ankle boots aori (splatoon) arguing black boots black hair blowing nose boots brown eyes chair comic cousins crossed arms crying detached collar domino mask earrings fangs food food on head fume gloves grey hair hotaru (splatoon) hug

Embedded image

In Japan, they’re having a Splatoon X Tower Records collaboration.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! by gomigomipomi.tumblr.com

Squid Sisters doodles 04 it is….

Callie and Marie

I should sleep…

Callie and Marie

Callie and Marie

Marie and Callie from splatoon.

Pokemon Sonne Mond x Splatoon

Splatoon 2 off the hook squid sisters

I think the Marie is Spicy and Callie is Savory but that is just my opinion

Part 1: Nintendo. STOP TEARING PEOPLE APART. Midna and Link, NOW CALLIE and Marie!! NO!

+ + aori (splatoon) bike shorts black kimono black shorts box brown eyes casual character name closed eyes comic cousins domino mask fangs green shirt hand holding hotaru (splatoon) japanese clothes kimono long hair looking back mask multiple girls

Embedded image

Embedded image

http://gomigomipomi.tumblr.com/post/144209422026/photoset_iframe/gomigomipomi/tumblr_o710dtkfpZ1qhv8w1/500/false (splatfest fancy and costume party)

+ + /\/\/\ animal costume aori (splatoon) aqua shoes bar censor black dress black gloves black hair black shoes black shorts brown eyes censored closed mouth cross-laced footwear dress earrings fangs flats frown gloves grey hair hair ornament hat hi

That pokeball is the Squid Ball.

Splatoon cross pokemon go

Squid Sister #Splatoon #Squidsister

Squid Sister #Splatoon #Squidsister