- Street Art by Fintan Magee  <3 <3

Street Art by Fintan Magee

BRUSK / Brusk is also in Tunisia where he was invited to paint for the Djerbahood Project organised by Galerie Itinerrance.

"Camelhood" by Brusk, in Tunisia. This piece was made for the Djerbahood Project, organised by Galerie Itinerrance.

Na Rua, A Arte...

Public Murals by Ashop Crew on the Streets of Montreal-Montreal based A’shop crew is an artist-run production company that creates graffiti murals, street art, and other public art displays. Most of their work is heavily influenced by graffiti but has als


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By Fintan Magee – New mural: “The Messenger” – for MOST Festival – Moscow, Russia – september 2014

"The Messenger" Street art in Moscow, Russia, by Australian artist Fintan Magee (for the Most Street Art Festival). Photo by Fintan Magee

Graffitis gigantes por el mundo

Przemek Blejzyk aka Sainer is a Polish artist based in Lodz who is skilled as both an illustrator and street artist. Check out some of his work after the j

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Fintan Magee

We already talked last year about the talented Australian street artist Fintan Magee, based in Brisbane (The street art of Fintan Magee). I propose you today a

“Don't try this at home. Try this on the street“ - that's the motto of Fra.Biancoshock, a street artist living and working in Milan, Italy. He calls his  artistic avant-garde art Ephemeralism - a movement that produces works of art that exist briefly in space but limitlessly in time.

Street Artist Creates Clever Urban Interventions To Get People Thinking

ART: Thought-Provoking Street Art by Fra.Biancoshock We love when clever art takes itself to the streets and gets the people thinking! [[MORE]] Milan-based street artist Fra.