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Anyone who has seen the Empty Hearse must go to this link. Made me laugh SOOOOO hard, for real. click through! So funny! The ME store.

Your Sherlock is showing

Saw this and basically cried laughing. So funny! But then I wondered honestly what is there to dislike about Benedict Cumberbatch

Jawn adds love <3

ugh molly, this isn't how jawn makes it, jawn adds love molly, god. (Ya know, ignoring the fact this is from A Study in Pink and before they were flatmates.


Mark Gatiss: The Sherlock special will "completely" solve the mystery of Moriarty’s return

Sherlock is so stubborn. The way I feel when people don't want my help

This is life through GIFS from the wonderful TV show "Sherlock" starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman! I will occasionally use Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman GIFs that are from.


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Actually, Lestrade, that's a hobbit.

Sherlock/Hobbit crossover -- We're looking for a dwarf.

That's what happens when you try and break in to 221B Baker Street.

Lestrade: 'How many times, exactly, did he 'fall' out the window?' Sherlock: 'I lost count.'<--- My all time favorite scene

Mrs. Hudson <3. Apparently the cheek kiss wasn't in the script, Benedict did it because he's known Una (who plays mrs Hudson) his whole life and sees her as a mother figure

Benedict has known Una Stubbs (Mrs. Hudson) his entire life because she is a close friend of his mother. So the affection Sherlock shows Mrs. H is completely real and completely Benedict's doing (Moffat didn't write it in the script initially).