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the afterlife

[the mortal instruments] Art by Burdge bug. ~ Wish I knew who they are.*cough cough* Clary Fray *cough* and Jace-. Read the book its complicated.

-the afterlife- Huccup and Astrid modern AU. Art by Burdge

Burdge bug - This looks like a modern Hiccup and Astrid <<< I think it's supposed to be based on chasing thunderstorms.

aw amo cuando me tomas asi <3 o me miras haciendome sentir el hombre mas importante de esta tierra, mi vida a tu lado es todo lo que deseo... entregaria todo por ser tuyo hasta el ultimo de mis dias <3

A Couple Pencil Sketch. So sweet! The pose is so well thought out and the details are nicely added in the right places.

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I was just keen on drawing my character, Ruth falling in love, but I couldn't fit it all into one drawing—so here. Her hand is drenched in horse spit, but it doesn't really bother her until s.

<3 existo para amarte y existes para amarme al igual.

Although their mournful and tired expressions<<<sorry for the bad vibes but this reminds me of Percy and Annabeth after Tartarus


Wow this girl is really pretty ill have to use her as one of my chin character💜❤💜❤I wish I could draw like this😱😱

cute hunger games drawings | Chibi Hunger Games

I love this, except Katniss' facial expression as she stares at Rue doesn't make sense. She adored that little girl.