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Finrod Felagund meets a man for the first time

A sketch redraw of the “Finrod Felagund meets a man for the first time”. Finrod Felagund meets a man for the first time


elf-esteem: “Celebrimbor, Lord of Eregion The legendary smith who crafted the three Elven rings in secret. It’s a powerful image. He’s half free and half enslaved. He was brought to such a bitter.



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- Finrod (The Silmarillion). Pinning this because it cracks me up how the men are cartoonish and Finrod looks like something from a tad nasmith painting xD

Fingon's Death in the Nirnaeth Arnoediad by Jenny Dolfen. YOU HAD ONE JOB ULDOR! If you hadn't betrayed Maedhros, we would have won the battle! Just one job!

"Thus fell the High King of the Noldor; and they beat him into the dust with their maces, and his banner, blue and silver, they trod into the mire of his blood." (Death of Fingon, Silmarillion - By Jenny Dolfen)