why is he a rabbit

Poor little sick baby bunny. I want to feed him soup and play with his hair while his head is in my lap and we cuddle and I can't breath.

I love how he's so into what he does <3

You make my blood boil

(GIF) omg he needs to stop he's making me loose my mind..!!

(GIF) omg he needs to stop he's making me loose my mind.<<< his hair is so big

#wattpad #fanfiction What I felt for him was different than anything I'd ever felt before. It wasn't that I wanted to give him my heart or that I wanted him to give me his. It was just the simple fact that I could reach into his soul and he could see past the shade that covered up who I was. I would've done anything f...

The Boy In The Attic - Chapter 19

❥ #Harry Styles

Harry Styles ❥ Styles Do you really think that This Harry gif is hot? *licks the touchscreen* I LOVE YOU HAZ! *Licks the screen again*

Some idiot brought a sign that said "Harry buy some shampoo".  WTF?!?  The boy's hair is AMAZING.  You don't like his hair, go away.  BYE BYE.  Its HIS hair to do what HE wants with it.  How f'n RUDE can someone be?!?!

When Harry got sassy with a fan who told him to wash his hair // if that "fan" was real , not FAKE , then he/she wouldn't have said that. why am i so completely mad ? because you don't tell MY HUSBAND to wash his hair.