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Bangtan Bad Boys

Bangtan Bad Boys

BTS - Bangtan Boys

“why is the maknae the tallest one and why did they put smol yoongs at the back (they are all so handsome tho)”

Being Suga's Long Lost Sister And Jungkook's Lover [BTS FanFiction] - 12 부 - Wattpad

What's wrong V?❤️

Yoongi's like "I don't need nobody I'll make my own damn heart" Tae's like "kill me now wHY are you touching me peASANT">>>>> Yay! J-Hope & Jimin!

BTS : Découvrez une vidéo d'entraînement sur "Baepsae" et des photos du groupe pour leur "2016 Festa BTS" - Soompi France

BTS has released a bunch of pictures from their anniversary photo album so yes, ARMYS, you can freak out now.The boys shared a total of 30 image o…


BTS "You Never Walk Alone" Album Photoshoot Sketch *do not edit without credits*

Kurşun geçirmez izciler...

[Info] BTS will be releasing a compilation album “BEST OF” in Japan on Jan

[bts twitter]

Especially Namjoonie, he serving us looks in this era. My eyes are always gravitating to him and his orange hair.wait a minute! This is Fire era hair colours lol except they switched them around

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Seriously, everyone should go watch their MIC Drop performance. It will give you all the energy in the world! It's so hype


170515 - Here's the bangtan fam, when they were promoting for their BST single in Japan