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Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo and fiancé Johannes Huebl. I like Johannes's slouchy layered casual style too. Its not quite right for "The Men Who Know How To Dress", but what the heck, I'm persuaded. I really adore Olivia's dress.

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Olivia Palermo wearing Ann Taylor Skinny Woven Belt, French Sole Leopard Flats, Gerard Darel 24 Hour Woodstock Rafia Bag and Ray-Ban Sunglasses.

Men’s Casual Inspiration #7 | MenStyle1- Men's Style Blog

Some men simply don't understand how to look good in fashions! On the opposite hand, men that are skinny should wear cuffed pants. Most men think that.

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Johannes Huebl and olivia palermo with hermes birkin bag Frockage: Hermes Birkin bag Just to be clear, it's the dress I'm pinning.


layered henleys"" henleys get me too. : - ) henleys --they have buttons :-) . nice color there too. it's fun to look at guy clothes & 'see' you in them .

.me encanta el azul.....:)

Sunglasses, watch and loafers, perfect combo! (Trousers should be always rolled up when sporting loafers/ moccasins/ driver with no socks) I love guys with a cool style



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So many boards this could go on! Accessories, handsome face, yes please! Oh boy! However Fashion I Love it is! SO SExy!