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Watching Animal Planet

Watching Animal Planet

We're out of kitty treats - you'll need to go get some - supermarket shuts at midnight.

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tuxedo cat.  ''and she's all like, up in my face, and i'm like....   whatEVVV!!!''

* * SECOND THOUGHTS: Tux regrets shacking up with his clingy first cousin. ( Sells insider-trading tips on clumping cat litter.

A double cute black kittens for you to see. It is double WOW.

* * "Willz dey evers be done wif makin' us pose fer pictures?"--[" Maybe if me gives em a dirty look, dey willz taper off.


Hero Cat Alert To Owner Saving Family From Burning Home

Salem makes this pouty face when shes jealous of me holding my sisters cat.

Margs! ❤️ Ragamuffin cats | RagaMuffin Kittens & RagaMuffin Breeder

Let’s all bow down to Aurora, the Queen of Cats.

I also want to name my cat Bambino which means little one. Its tequnically masculine but I'm going to give it to a female cat, so yahhhh

Ollie, my Tuxedo cat. | Tuxedo Cats | Pinterest - Thiswaycome.com

Basic Cat Colors and Patterns

Tuxedo cat


cute rescue tuxedo cat polydactyl

Tuxedo Cats, must be Gentleman's Night at the Kat Klub. So many Tuxedoes not two alike. They wear the same colors, but each is subtly different from the rest. The eye color varies as well.

"Cats are kindly masters, so long as you remember your place." --Paul Gray

"Cats are kindly masters, so long as you remember your place.