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evgeny kazantsev legacy mode series futurescapes designboom

evgeny kazantsev imagines futurscapes in his 'legacy mode' series

Idonka. A mostly militarized city with small farm lands inside the protective wall. The city appears medieval in design and architecture. But the technology of it rests under the ground. Stream and and heat in the stone of the caverns are us

Hilltop Castle walled Town Knight Fall Legendary pixel artist Yuriy Gusev a. Fool (remind me to do an artist feature about him) released a fun flash game with Vlad Golcea, Alexander Buler (music) and Cezar Cazan.

"The small group could hear the mermaid's song before they reached the ruins."

Heavenly Sword art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

SpaceX rover at Mars Base Alpha

SpaceX ITS spaceships at Mars Base Alpha by Maciej Rebisz

Picture of the Day - SpaceX ITS spaceships at Mars Base Alpha or "Alpha Site" by Polish digital painter Maciej Rebisz.

Polycount Forum - View Single Post - LOWPOLY (sub 1000~ triangle models)

LOWPOLY (sub triangle models) - Page 384 - Polycount char character

"Forest Jumper Ninja" iPhone/iPad game on Behance

from concept and through development tiny ninja jumper game design inspiration

Mechanised Ballistics, Valentine Sorokin on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/X9oZw

An sniper mech. MBC stands for Mechanised Ballistics Calculator. There was a long fight between my art-collegues that suggested me that there will be no sniper doctrine in robotized future, because any kind of a robot could operate any weapon

“Drone 2250” by Eric Lloyd Brown

Eric Lloyd Brown on Artstation. Keywords: concept spaceship art models renders design illustrations by eric lloyd brown.

evgeny kazantsev imagines technological futurescapes in his ‘legacy mode’ series

Evgeny Kazantsev imagines technological futurescapes in his ‘Legacy Mode’ series