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Oh my god. Izzie roasted Alex. Burn!  It bothers me that she ousted walked away for a good job

When Alex tormented Izzie about her past as a model, but she got the last laugh in Grey's Anatomy:

I love how meredith thinks she's normal even though others don't

I worked in the emergency department all night while having a miscarriage. 2 Greys who rock!

My fav

Meredith Grey: You have a wife and you call me a whore and our dog died. Derek Shepherd: I'm not looking at you. Meredith: You are looking at me. I can't breathe with you looking at me like that so just stop.

if/then episode... everything falling into place in the "alternate" dimension i guess you could say...

Grey’s Anatomy (part I)

After Derek died all I can say is "I love Grey's Anatomy, correction, 'loved' Grey's Anatomy".