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10 Pretty Liquor And Champagne Bottles To Gift This Year

Cognac Hennessy Paradis - Spiritueux et Liqueurs - Hediard Paris

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10 Pretty Liquor And Champagne Bottles To Gift This Year

Esteve Heritage Cognac

Esteve Heritage Cognac

Estève Héritage Cognac is one of the masterpieces of this cognac house. A Petite Champagne cognac, the eaux-de-vie were distilled generations before todays.

Chabasse Baccarat

Chabasse Baccarat Cognac is a glowing tribute to beauty and refinement. Eaux-de-vie selected for their incomparable bouquet, finesse, and elegance, bestow exceptional character on this very old cognac.

Top 10 Most Expensive Liquor In The World

Most expensive liquor includes Jenssen Arcana, aged around 98 years in the Oak barrels, Jenssen's Arcana is known as a powerful extraordinarily somewhat c

Tesseron Master Blend 100's

Tesseron Master Blend Cognac is a very special creation from the oldest reserves of the Tesseron family’s century paradise cellar. The number 88 refers to the 88 finest Grande Champagne blends that make up this wonderful aged cognac delight.

Tropical Wedding

A spirit for adventurous spirits, every Pearl® flavor mixes well with classic and innovative cocktails alike.

Prulho Hors d'Age Tentation

To magnify this mature cognac, this work of art expresses beauty, scarcity and prestige

Guerbé Vieille Grande Champagne

Guerbé Vieille Grande Champagne

AE Dor Vieille Reserve No 11

This AE Dor cognac Vieille Reserve No 11 has a minimum age of 70 years.

Paul Giraud Tres Rare

Tres Rare Paul Giraud Cognac is a 40 year old cognac, second oldest Cognac of the range.

Léopold Gourmel Hors d'Age Quintessence 30 Carats

The Leopold Gourmel Hors d'Age Quintessence 30 Carats Cognacis a very old Cognac, strong and aromatic. The cognac is first matured for over 25 years in oak barrels, then another 10 years in different casks

Chateau de Beaulon Extra Rare

Chateau de Beaulon Extra Rare Cognac comes from the Paradise Cellar of Chateau de Beaulon. A masterpiece of time," and they may well have summed up this Fins Bois cognac in a delightful manner in such a few words.

Couprie Hors d'Age Decanter

Cognac Couprie Hors D'Age Cognac is a rich, expertly blended cognac that's been distilled in a traditional generations-old 10 hectollitre pot still. It was then aged in Limousin oak barrels in the calm, dark, humid cellars of the house of Couprie.