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perry mason and della street

Perry Mason which was a legal drama that ran from 1957 to 1966 on CBS. Another Perry Mason series ran in the and 30 made-for-TV Perry Mason movies aired from Great show! This show made me fall in live with crime dramas.

Perry Mason. Loved this show, but last week I intvw'ed a defense atty who said (in real life) it's dicey to set out an accusation against someone else while simultaneously running a defense for one's client. If the jury doesn't buy it, suspicion falls back even more heavily on the only other option: the accused. (And yet Perry Mason managed this every episode, lol....)

Raymond Burr, the one and only Perry Mason. "That question is irrelevant, incompetent, and immaterial Hamilton.

William Hopper and Barbara Hale, Paul Drake and Della Street, Perry Mason

William Hopper and Barbara Hale, Paul Drake and Della Street, Perry Mason

Paul Drake from Perry Mason

Paul Drake wolfishly eyeing the switchboard operator in an episode of Perry Mason, The Case of the Fraudulent Foto.

"Perry Mason" | Perry Mason and Della Street | Actors Raymond Burr and Barbara Hale

Della Street (Barbara Hale) and Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) in the field, cocktail party

perry mason | Perry Mason (2014) – IMDb | THE SOPHIST: TWO SIDES TO EVERY QUESTION

Perry Mason (2014) – IMDb

Della Street & Perry Mason or Barbara Hale & Raymond Burr tete a tete

Raymond Burr is Perry Mason...I LoOoVe Perry Mason!!! #hedon'tlikemytype #DVRhim #eveningcouchdates

Raymond Burr Born Raymond William Stacey Burr May 1917 New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada Died September 1993 (aged Healdsburg, California, U.