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Meet Elise Schenk, a Senior Account Executive in the Chicago office! Fun Facts: 1) She's been dancing for 20 years and leaves work to go to a dance class called Werq. 2) Fits both kids and adult size shoes, so you can imagine the size of her collection. 3) Her first job was at Wendy's. Contrary to coworker inquiries, she was not the actual Wendy's girl.

Employee Spotlight: Hannah Law, Senior Regional Strategist APAC! Fun facts: 1) Loves hangouts, even when in the same room as the real life person! 2) Born in Sydney but has been living in Hong Kong for 2 years 3) Loves unlikely animal friendships (Google it)

Meet Meghan McMahon! She's a Digital Strategist in our Washington DC office. Fun Facts: 1) She's having a baby soon - can't you tell?!?!? 2) In 2006, for one day, she held the no. 1 spot in the all-Facebook NCAA bracket after choosing George Mason to win it all (she ultimately lost, as did GMU). 3) She has a green thumb and loves to grow her own herbs.

Leave a comment for today's Employee Spotlight, Mario Limon. He's the Digital Creative Director for the OgilvyOne team in El Salvador! Fun Facts: 1) Brainstorms to Jack White's or Jake Bugg's music 2) Hasn't had an official desk for the last two months because he gave his to an intern 3) Won Best Campaign at the local creativity awards last year

Meet Candace Ngok, Hong Kong's Regional Digital Strategist! Fun Facts: 1) She's actually an ethnic Chinese (meaning belonging to an ethnic minority in China) of Manchurian. 2) Dreamed of becoming a football (soccer) commentator but figured she would rather enjoy watching the games than making a job of it 3) Pathologically nocturnal. So any cross-time-zone calls are best conducted at night.

Meet Chicago's Executive Creative Director, Liz Taylor, a mother, writer, dysfunctional memoir lover and mid century modern chair collector. Fun Facts: 1) She has a bionic left arm, courtesy of a bicycle taxi incident (consider this your PSA: Never take one). 2) Big fan of all teams starting with B (Bulls, Badgers, Blackhawks)! 3) Quite the poker shark 4) Loves the use of parentheticals (See above)

He's our favorite bi-weekly social digest guy! Meet Bizhan Govindji, a Digital Strategist in our London office. Fun Facts: 1) He writes a GIF-filled round up of the latest social media news, which also can now be found on our blog:! 2) His Bacon Number is 1, after being on film with Kevin Bacon at SXSW this year. 3) He thinks Karl Pilkington is the most unintentionally hilarious person on the planet.

Meet Thomas Crampton! He's the Global Managing Director of Social@Ogilvy! Fun Facts: 1) Tom helped Herta Ogilvy, David Ogilvy's widow, launch her LinkedIn presence in the 12th century Chateau de Touffou earlier this year. 2) Tom snuck into a hospital during SARS when he was a journalist. 3) Tom launched the first blog for the International Herald Tribune!

Give a shout out to Ricky Brandt! He's a social AAE in our Chicago office and the new lead for our global Facebook page! Fun Facts: 1) Auditioned for "Kids Say The Darndest Things"...Did not qualify. 2) NPR interviewed him about his college blog,, specifically as a Ramen Noodle thought leader. 3) Captain of his arcade skeeball team. They're currently in 2nd place!

Meet Roberta Dickson, Ogilvy DigitalHealth, Digital Account Executive. Fun facts: 1) Past job includes a stint behind a bar in Peru 2) She has a degree in Neuroscience