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Spinnerin Volume 168 ~ Embroidery Stitches Vintage patterns can be beautiful, which is why I bought this old Spinnerin.


complex stitches made up of smaller parts. Try sewing a decorative stitch withe the zigzag machine, then further embellishing with hand embroidery. I may have to try this some daywhen I get really adventurous-hope I can learn to do these stitches.


If you love embroidery, you won’t miss this DIY embroidery technique, the flowers are a creative extension of french knot that looks pretty whether you use thread or yarn. They are great for handmade bedding, garment, curtains and more.

Embroidery Stitches #2 by itza

Embroidery is a beautiful craft which includes different types of stitches. If you are a beginner looking for a tutorial on how to start embroidery with basic stitches

프랑스자수 기법

프랑스자수 기법

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