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I'm a geek... by jana

Nerd Love Card Love Equation- if I was a math teacher. I'd have this as a warm up!

A maybe for those studying math?    Mathematical Expressions Clock

Gift Idea: What On Earth Math Clock. Perfect for Daylight Saving Time &…

Math clock

MATH CLASS Wall Clock mathematics teacher classroom gift *** Find out more about the great product at the image link. (This is an affiliate link and I receive a commission for the sales)

Lisa's Little House: 'Charmed' to be back!

Old keys revamped into charms. Lisa's Little House: 'Charmed' to be back!

Geek Decoration Archives - Paty ShibuyaPaty Shibuya

Star wars decals, Star wars light Switch Decal Imperial Empire & Rebel Alliance decal Light Side or Dark Side decal for light switch

The geek in me can't wait to recreate this math clock!

It's half-past the square root of 64 - Black chalkboard-style clock for math geeks. Solve the equation to figure out the time. Great gift for math geeks and teachers

Take a look at 18 different ways to stylize your kitchen accessories, and then get to cookin', good lookin'!

18 DIY Kitchen Utensil Upgrades

Add a little something extra to your kitchen with these DIY Wood Burned Spoons. These would make a great gift for weddings, mother& day, or house warming.

Reloj mates!!

In math, irrational numbers are those that can't be represented by simple fractions. Two examples are pi and the square root of Irrational Numbers Wall Clock

Oh my gosh this is amazing. Math games for each month!!!!! The only thing the kids need are their set of cards. This is amazing. Ahh-Mazing! I need to do this.

Attached the center cover sheet to a file folder and ran each folder through the laminator. After cutting the top of the folder, I placed all of the activity sheets inside. Love the cheap organization idea!

This could be a very cool math project...have kids create their own numbered clock!!!!!

If you want to figure out what time it is, youll have to solve a simple math problem on this clock first. This Mathematics Pop Quiz Wall Clock is perfect for any geek, math nerd, math teacher, or sadist who wants to confuse the hell out of non-nerds.