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Marlee was her friend from the beginning. In a place where they were competing for the same thing you'd need a friend, and the other competitors were brutal.

this pin shows marlee tames picture for the selection. she is 17 years old and has blond hair. marlee tames is america best friend. america is always there for her and marlee is always there for america.


America Schreave

The Selection Trilogy/ America Singer/ Aspen Or Maxon?/ Team Aspen For The Win Please! The Selection, The Elite, The One

Celeste Newsome was a supporting character in The Selection Series. She was a Two chosen for the.

Yes omg America yes!!! literally... TEAM MAXON FOREVES!

AMENX how to work out relationships😃


I'm not sure if he meant physically cause of the scars or like by America hurting him cause like ouch.

Almost, but there's a couple more steps

Almost, but there's a couple more steps<——failing miserably at seducing the prince.