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Am I the only one who read this with an Irish accent?

These funny road signs are a trip (pun very much intended): Fox sake!

Wierd place

No Way I'm Traveling Down this Road - Weiner Cutoff Road - Take at Own Risk: This has got to be the most dangerous road in existence. Weiner cutoff road might v

There were also no harnesses to stop them falling from skyscraper heights.    branded history. adiddas or palace strip on pants

Vintage photos reveal the daredevils of yesteryear

I guess you have to make your own fun at work, even when work is 20 stories off the ground on the skeleton of a future skyscraper. But these photos of construction workers enjoying their breaks and photo-ops high in the air are simply terrifying.

Parking lot under police surveillance.

Funny pictures about Under Police Surveillance. Oh, and cool pics about Under Police Surveillance. Also, Under Police Surveillance.

Welcome to Hondo, Texas! Slow the heck down!

Hondo Texas--Haven't been there in too long. Typical Texas humor--but you'd better mind the sign. My daddy got his one and only speeding ticket in Hondo.


20 years later and all of these things fit in your pocket. 20 years later and all of these things fit in your pocket.

I think I find Mr. Important each time I drive on Schoolhouse Road ;)

Yes, a sarcastic speed limit sign. Unless, of course, MR.

hikers and bikers move to side of road

The sign requests that hikers & bikers move to the side of the road when a vehicle approaches.I don't think I'd be hiking and/or biking here to begin with!(there are alligators {or maybe crocodiles} lying on the banks of the swamp)

actually saw a sign just like this in Oamaru, New Zealand for the little blue penguins.  too cute ;)

25 Funny Animal Signs

if i lived in a place where i might find a penguin under my car.well , i'd just be the happiest girl alive! and if i killed it, well i would have to move and sell my car.

Funny pictures about That Really Awkward Sign. Oh, and cool pics about That Really Awkward Sign. Also, That Really Awkward Sign photos.

Podobny obraz

Podobny obraz

Well that could be confusing  #roadSign #funny   www.crcint.com

Funny Road Signs appear on every interstate to the Business Highway to Main Street in your very own town.or laugh?

Bob Ross - Happy little trees ahead

Bob's Happy Sign

Funny pictures about Bob Ross' happy message. Oh, and cool pics about Bob Ross' happy message. Also, Bob Ross' happy message.