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@Cristina Ferreira Este bate a natação sincronizada...

David Tennant in places he shouldn't be... The Doctor Who fandom is slowly turning into the Sherlock fandom...

@Cristina Ferreira The Day of the Doctor Movie Theater Intro Strax + Doctors - Isto é espectacular!!!

Tennant and his billowing coat of fabulousness...

Um tributo a Matt Smith em GIFs!

Anyone else think the Doctor would team up with the Science Bros? They'd be instant BFFs.

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Chris Edwards on

David Tennant on set for the 50th Anniversary. #DoctorWho

Introducing The Day of the Doctor Doctor Who 50th anniversary in theaters. Bahaha! #doctorwho

David Tennant In Places He Shouldn't Be!... I beg to differ. David Tennant can be anywhere and no one should question it.