1970’s skater girls really grind my gears (14 photos)

1970’s skater girls really grind my gears (14 photos)

Hopefully my boarding life to be

Open with Lexie)) I sigh as I skate over to the skate park. I skate down the path and arrive at the skate park. I do a few tricks, not noticing you standing there, watching me.

longboard girl | WALÚ @walulife

Eye candy for calf and socks' fetishists in all their richness. No pornographic pictures here. well, just some arousing ones 😉 You can contribute, see the.

I like girls that can skate!!

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L’âge d’or du skateboard immortalisé par Hugh Holland

Hugh Holland Del Mar Daffy, 1975 signed, dated, titled and numbered verso chromogenic print 14 x 11 inches edition of 15