Lucy and Mavis similarities yup yup yup. missed the part where they both love Dragneel's.

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Imagenes Nalu - ( ˘ ³˘)❤

"Pregnant by blanania on DeviantArt hahahaa.where Gruvia?" <== now that you mention it, where my baby Gruvia at!

HAHAHAHA!!! Natsu and Lucy's son and Gray and Juvia's daugther?... I can totally see that coming!!!!!...

i love this NaLu son and Gruvia daughter this is soooo cute i love it I an dan girling sooooooo hard

Fairy Tail

This is why I don’t open iFunny in public

Aquarius was pasted down from Lucy's mom. Possibly when Lucy was younger she would play with her moms celestial spirits.This is the saddest and sweetest, cause anyone who watched fairy tail would know how deeply Aquarius cared for Lucy

Save my family! by Cocassion on DeviantArt

Art by: Color and Lineart by: Translation: " Hey Lucy? I'm so grateful to have you in my life.

I literally feel like I am part of the Fairytail family. Couldn't say it any better myself.

My first long anime I have ever watched --------------------------------------- I do not own this photo all credit goes to the owner/editor/artist/cosplayer ---

Fairy tail ships

So I draw MANY of Fairy Tail’s couples/pairings/ships/whatevs. I’ve been getting a lot of questions as to which ones I actually ship!

Gajeel vs Levy - the whole story

Gajeel vs Levy - One say this could very well happen Gale! Takhle se na to musí 😂😂 Levy ví ❤😂😂😂

I have this exact same tattoo on my left shoulder

I have this exact same tattoo on my left shoulder