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They're all cute!

~ Omg they're perfect flower boys who are super cute and very handsome. Im not gunna lie when i first became an Aroha my first thoughts of rocky were him being manly XD ^_^

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“when your fav is having a comeback but youre the only one who likes kpop in your friends”

If this ain't true then idk anymore | kpop meme | bts meme | funny

2019 will hopefully go smoothly for me as im going in a army collage

Kpop memes. I actually say "Kai Bai Bo" with my non-Kpop fan friend and now this is the only Korean she knows.

I actually say "Kai Bai Bo" with my non-Kpop fan friend and she is still confused on what language I was speaking.

Like all the freaking time!!!!!!!!!!! kpop is korean pop! ahhhHH! KPOP meme

Like all the freaking time! kpop is korean pop! KPOP meme - My parents just found that out recently and i have been a kpop fan for 4 years!

International Kpop fans are pro at reading subtitles. We have too...it's our way to survive. -@BeautyandthePoet

Sadly this is still necessary. for dramas, variety shows, kpop songs, etc. I need to learn Korean!

same tbh... | kpop meme

My exact look actually when that happens lol. then proceeded with whatever person I'm with nudging me and telling me to stop staring and that I have a problem lol 💙💙 them Asian guys

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Inspiring image exo, kai, kpop, kpop meme, exo meme by LuciaLin - Resolution - Find the image to your taste