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That wasn't very kawaii of you, tfw gay

South Park - Kenny / Butters (Bunny)

iron-dude: “i can only draw awkward signs between two guys…. (Butters’s full name is important ;


South Park - Kenny McCormick x Butters Stotch - Bunny

Classic South Park. Once he did ctually repeat and say she was a skank, she just…

Classic South Park

Caitlyn jenner south park comparison essay Sep 2015 · South Park takes on political correctness in Caitlyn Jenner episode Series opener satirises PC supporters for their reaction to Bruce Jenner's transformation

South Park/#1891464 - Zerochan  Awww Bunny ♥

Loyal royal Princess Kenny and her/his knight, Sir Leopord Butters Scotch

Little Child by Aishishi on DeviantArt

aishishii: “ I love Kenny and I love wings. Wings are friggin’ awesome okay? So here, have like random doodle stuff that was created when I tested out my new sketching brush. Also two versions,.