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{open w/ Elijah} Kayla did a wonderful job hosting this party. I sat down at a table, and held Hope in my lap. She giggled, and smiled at me.

Perfection is his name. It is in his DNA! Elijah Mikaelson is #mancandy

Even amidst wreckage and chaos, Elijah Mikaelson's hair remains immaculate.

put those teeth back where they came from, Angel.

Turning Ian Somerhalder into a vampire.HD Wallpaper and background photos of Vampire Makeup for fans of The Vampire Diaries TV Show images.

I actually prefer a more natural, fit body-like you're active & healthy, but it's not because you spend hours every day in the gym. Like this ⬆️

Daniel Gillies in "Bride & Prejudice" this Vampire Diaries hottie should definitely take his shirt off more often! season 4 Elijah, we'll be waiting.

Daniel Gillies, Elijah {by Paria}                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Daniel Gillies, Elijah on The Originals, no man wears a suit better than this smokin hot guy.