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For the Lord takes pleasure in His people; He will beautify the humble with salvation. [Psalm 149:4]

llbwwb: “ Autumn Dream by Carsten Meyerdierks ”

Autumn Beauty

Inspiration For Landscape photography Picture Description Autumn Beauty

A path beside peaceful waters under autumn leaves.

a-beautifully-romantic-soul: tulipnight: Moncton by Gwenaëlle Muggianu

Terry Redlin Aroma of Fall Pinnacle

Terry Redlin Aroma of Fall Pinnacle

Fall has arrived and the yard is full of activity with the smell of burning leaves Image Size x

A Path by the Fence in Autumn ....

Autumn ~ The Tender Path

Autumn or Fall, a dream season and favorite time of the year for photographers and here are 33 awesome Autumn pictures to inspire you this Fall.

Petit Cabinet de Curiosites : Photo

Seymour, Connecticut ~ Photograph By Via


Gorgeous rural lane in autumn splendour

avenue_autumn_trees_long-term_leaves_gold_path_61484_640x1136 | por vadaka1986

Why does autumn have to be so short where I live? Its such a beautiful season



$37 Mike Savad - Westfield, NJ - This is Autumn Van Gogh style. Some people think that Van Gogh actually saw the world like this and he just painted what he saw. It could be true. However this scene can easily be explained by a phenomena known as local heat distortion, or sometimes the rare, time space worm hole, that when viewed at the right angle, everything is distorted.  #savad #autumn

This is a Van Gogh style image by Mike Savad on Fineartamerica.

Fall for Autumn

Autumn at Lake Yamanaka near Mount Fuji in Yamanakako, Japan

Il sentiero porta all'infinito Uploaded by Reagan Watson, Saved by Cyndy Simmons

Stargazers may have noticed that the moon appears larger in the sky lately, and today it will officially become what is known as the harvest moon.

Sunlight bursts through autumn leaves.....                                                                                                                                                                                 More

How wonderful is autumn beauty! Great colors all the way through Thanksgiving! How exciting!

Autumn Lane, reminds me of the back roads going to Grandma Bieda's  Farm in Clarksburg, PA.

Autumn Lane, reminds me of the back roads going to Grandma Bieda's Farm in Clarksburg, PA.