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I love how the did Masky!! And Hoody too don't worry bro

I love how the did Masky! And Hoody too don't worry bro this is the cutest creepypasta picture EVAR YAAY!

Who's the last one and the one besides L.J. tho

Laughing Jack, Jeff the Killer, Ben Drowned, Zero; Creepypasta Please tell me the names of the missing Creepypastas if you know<<<< is it bad that I ship Ben and Jeff?

...e-e Toby put the shirt back on. Tim, don't make me throw you down the stairs. Brian, I shall knock you out.

Ticci-Toby: Kastoway Hoodie and Masky: MarbleHornets LineArt: ( Oh dear lord, what have i done? The proxies are shirtless.

7af360ffd25b9eb3d2df8b7a367ef5e8.jpg (736×5536)

I'm crying :'( They just made another creepypasta thing out of a song. I think I'm in love with these<<<< Ok, I get that this supposed to be sad, but Jeff looks freaking adorable and don't you try to tell me different.

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