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Funny pictures about The Perks Of Having Long Hair. Oh, and cool pics about The Perks Of Having Long Hair. Also, The Perks Of Having Long Hair photos.

Dysautomnia...immune system has lost ability to react appropriately and either over- or under-reacts.

Now this seems to be the reason why I'm allergic to that much. Thank you, Immune system-kun

Remember when you were bleeding so much, yet you refused to be sent to the nurse's office because you heard she was mean? Oh and when you wore so many bracelets that they would reach your elbows on each arm? Oh that one time-STOP! No more!  I don't ever want to hear about my middle school years! We did cringey stuff

God god god I can't even think about that, middle school is nonexistent to me now.

And you can too. (Owl Turd Comics) - www.viralpx.com

And you can too. (Owl Turd Comics)

Pale people problems. - 9GAG

Pale people problems.

Funny pictures about Pale People Problems. Oh, and cool pics about Pale People Problems. Also, Pale People Problems photos.

Creepypasta party!! I don't even know why... but I found this hilarious, oh me and my messed up mind :p

Only creepypastas that I'm afraid of ar the because I don't know how to protect myself. I annoy Herobrine off my servers, probably annoy Slenderman too. The are nothing if you know how to stay on their good side or weaknesses.



Kids are weird

Kids are weird