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Game Over, little puppet by LeniProduction on deviantART

I finally got around to draw a Gravity Falls Season 2 Fanart I wanted to do one since the first epsiode of the second season aired I'D and I have got to. Game Over, little puppet

Not sure if serious by on @DeviantArt

Not sure if serious by markmak on DeviantArt <<< Lol! Imagine if Ford got the power of being Princess Unattainable XD<<<😂😂😂

Two worlds together are better than one by on @DeviantArt

Merry christmas (Two worlds together are better than one by markmak) -

The Inconvenience Part 1

The Inconvenience Part 1

TheCoolPearl: Gosh, calm down Mabel, lol.

Gravity Falls team meeting for Last Mabelcorn: “And in this scene the girls will be COMPLETELY DRENCHED in unicorn blood" “…Alex, I don’t think the censors will-” “Make it sparkly and call it ‘tears’, but the viewers will know.