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The very things that took the lives of others, now bring life back to the earth...

Israelis can't kill the hearts of Palestinians. "I resist, therefore I exist" -Palestinian proverb

Pourquoi rêvons-nous parfois que nous tombons dans le vide

Pourquoi rêvons-nous parfois que nous tombons dans le vide ?

What if you did awesome floaty wedding pictures! OO, or we could make it look like we were floating on the flume- even though its empty! How to take great levitation photos and trick photography by reducing motion blur

"Uhhhh... Alec." "What?"Alec asked completely oblivious. "Well you're kinda... Sorta... a little bit on fire."

The ability to turn into an organic fire form. Why fire? Ive hated fire ever since my parents died in a giant fire.



The Finch twins' powers: Pyrokinesis and Pyrogenesis

I KNOW that I would have been a fire bender or a water bender. If you think all fire benders are evil, you obviously didn't understand the point of Avatar the Last Airbender.


"It's amazing how you can create it from thin air." Malachi mumbled, hands a safe distance from the flames as they licked the air. "I don't know, I think it's pretty lack-luster. Where's my explosive snapping power?