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First reaction: LMAO | Second reaction: what the fuck chanyeol

lol kai's face at the end xD he's like "hahaha. you're not being serious, right Chanyeol?" OMFG Chanyeol you are me


Finals with Kris and Chen topgrademilk

These buttons will one day give up and the world will be blessed

The struggle of being the button on Oh Sehun's shirt

Omygod sehuun....

keke Baekhyun is being Baekhyun~ i love it how he is like that keke~ but Baekhyun why do you like such things~?


keke Kaiserolls and Kyungsoo~! keke pure KaiSoo moment caught on camera~! keke but i wonder what will D.O say to Kai ?

9 Reasons we love EXO's maknae Oh Sehun

Not the words but the pic is when I'm telling my friend a guy is cute and she like "THAT ONE?" OTL <<<< not mine but will probably happen eventually


EXO Kai, Chanyeol, Sehun ~ "There's this kind of photo at every party" (Sehun understands me)>>>To be honest.so yeah.

OMG He does look like that penguin!!! It's soooooooooo cuuuttttteee!!!

There is literally no difference XD haha kyungsoo and the penguin look soo cute!

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Baekkie being tagteamed by Kris and Chen. xD let the troller be trolled