Illustrations by Marc Valls

Illustrations by Marc Valls


Inspector Spacetime by Sam Sprat

Michael Caine as Jack Carter by Phil Noto

The original "Get Carter!" Michael Caine as Jack Carter by Phil Noto, caricature cartoon portrait drawing face stylized

Stevie Ray

By Stevie Lewis. I like the colour scheme in this illustration. If I needed to wear glasses, which I don't have to, I probably would wear something like that.


Dutch artist and illustrator Raymond Lemstra, who we interviewed back in December, has recently come out with a new book published by Nobrow.

Rhaegar Targaryen

Rhaegar Targaryen

Today's Alphabet is brought to you by AWESOME! art by the talented Jeff Victor. #ACBC15

Over the past couple of weeks artist Jeff Victor has been working on an alphabet art project featuring a pop culture geek icon for each letter. Victor alway manages to give us fun art to enjoy, so I hope you enjoy his latest creation.