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Can't get any funnier.... :D  #otaku

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Neko Izaya x Neko Shizuo, Durarara! Going as Fem! Neko Shizuo, or maybe just plain Fem!

YAS look at him.    Okay. Everything, well most of everything I post won't be mine(like I created them :P)  they'll just be my obsessions

YAS look at him.

Durarara!! / This ... is ... THE BEST THING EVER. I this is my favorite Disney song of all time, from one of my favorite animes with one of my favorite characters! Shizuo!

Smiling like an idiot singing this so funny Durarara shizou

Magi: the labyrinth of magic (durarara format)

I still want to know what happened to the green hated dude from Sinbad's story.