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THIS IS A SPLENDID ARTICLE! It helped me out so much. K.M. Weiland, you've done it again. Brilliant.

The Nanowrimo Guide to Outilining (the First 4 Questions to Ask Yourself) - Helping Writers Become Authors

Easy to remember

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I've been shot in the butt point blank with a NERF dart. Hurts a lot more than you think. Thanks, BROTHER. >: How to write pain.

Once you've discovered a general idea of your plot, you can use these three steps to figure out how to structure your story's outline.

The Nanowrimo Guide to Outlining (How to Structure Your Story's Outline) - Helping Writers Become Authors

How to Set Up Your Writer's Notebook (10+ Categories

A writer& notebook is an essential and helpful asset for any writer. Use this post to get your writer& notebook set up and off to a good start!


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NaNoWriMo is upon us! Here's a peek at my process and my bullet journal word count spread.

How to Dominate NaNoWriMo

Pre-Writing Task #3: Do Your Homework on Your Characters (in 3 Parts) Part 1: Character Backstory  Plot and character work hand in hand. You can’t fully understand where your plot needs to go until you understand the characters who will be driving it. Start your exploration of character by investigating your protagonist’s backstory.  Remember, however, that a character’s backstory only matters insofar as it affects the main conflict.  Ask the following questions:  What events in the…

6 Tasks You’ll Love Yourself for Checking Off Your NaNo Pre-Writing List - Helping Writers Become Authors

She is 100% right. There are parts of my story that I have rewritten, rearranged, or omitted entirely!!

I hand write all my first drafts and then re-write/edit wholly within the typing out of my second draft. Please excuse the swears

Getting through NaNoWriMo? Use these tips.

NaNoWriMo Survival Tips

V for vendetta character essay question Essay on The Protagonists in the Novel 1984 and Film V for Vendetta 913 Words

Nanowrimo prep: How to 'pants' like a plotter. #thewritersaurus #NaNoWriMo

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Can you have both the creative freedom of writing by the seat of your pants and the certainty and speed of plotting? You can if you pants like a plotter!