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Doxie, Prada bag + Alexander McQueen scarf = i'll take it all please! Holly would do this to onyx if she could find a bag big enough for him,cheap prada handbags china ,cheap wholesale designer handbags china,cheap wholesale designer bags hub.

Doxie truth doxie-love

Atlas of the Dachshund Brain Oh my goodness! This is so true!>> only thing I would change is making the "thinking about food" much larger!

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Rare sighting of the exotic African Weiner Dog............wasn't sure this is a 'pet' or wild animal...

I want him! Faster than a speeding Corgi, Louder than guarding Chihuahua, It's a Cheetah, It's a Leopard, No! It's the Speediest Dachshund on Earth!

I always tell our pups this story.

Dachshund - Friendly and Curious

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Best friends come in all shapes and sizes but the best ones come with short legs and long torsos via I Love Dachshunds

Doxies ❤️

so I can donate to shelter dogs 2 find 4 ever homes 4 my fellow doggies.anyone got a dollar rub me.nice doxie using belly to get money 4 a good cause.I have a dollar.I am rubbing the screen: Sweet, Sleepy Baby, Weenie Dogs, Dachshu