The Sketch Book – Inslee Haynes / Fashion Illustration by Inslee

Feliciano creates 4 fab looks for Moms to rock while carrying the new Baby Shower Planner Clutch 'n Clean wipes clutch!

when in posi...

When in Posi... (Inslee By Design - The Sketch Book)

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Inslee By Design | The trouble with creating a fabulous alter ego is just that - she's fabulous.  Daphne is always making me resent the mundane, day-to-day struggles of being Insl

Inslee vs Daphne, the struggle is real

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I still love this Haynes Haynes design for Menagia and Dot featuring our Serenity statement necklace{retired}, the Gitane Tassel necklace, the La Folie necklacee{retired} and the Pippa layering necklacee{retired}.