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lamen de rua - Japan large_388-e1364847248771.jpg (600×399)

lamen de rua - Japan large_388-e1364847248771.jpg (600×399)

Gunther Holtorf 01

(Travel the world.) Gunther Holtorf and his wife Christine on a mile journey around the world. The German couple embarked on a road trip to Africa in 1989 and kept going through 23 years, 200 countries, and miles. with one car!

Two and a half minutes on one breath. Filmed underwater in real-time for Human Planet, Bajau fisherman, Sulbin, freedives to 20 metres to catch a fish.

Sea Bed Hunting On One Breath - Fascinating video on traditional fishing

21 Awesome Things To Do When You Go To Oregon #TravelDestinationsUsaOregon

21 Awesome Things To Do When You Go To Oregon #TravelDestinationsUsaOregon


Boncuk Meyhane is located at the famous and popular Nevizade Sokak, which is just off the Istiklal Caddesi. Nevizade Sokak is one of the best places in the world for a boisterous evening meal and people-watching. Boncuk is a great choice on this street.

Japanese Street Food ~ Takoyaki ~The word "tako" means octopus, and "yaki" means grilled, which means takoyaki are grilled octopus balls. Bite-sized pieces of boiled octopus are placed in the half-spherical mold of a takoyaki pan, and then a batter mixed with dashi, tempura pieces, and green scallions is poured over. As the batter cooks, it is turned over and it puffs up to form a ball.

Japanese Street Food: Takoyaki

Last week was Street Fair Food Week on The Kitchn, which reminded of one of my most favorite street fair foods; Found at almost all Japanese fairs and festivals, takoyaki are yummy little balls of goodness.

Batak Toba house

Batak Toba house


Beloved Continent --- EPIC Africa: WILD and WONDROUS! After shooting four episodes on South Africa, it seemed only proper to add four more featuring East Africa. We just can't get enough of this EPIC CONTINENT!

Visit this Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

Sweet and Spicy Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

We all want to ride elephants in Thailand. Make sure to pick the right places. The elephant sanctuary in Thailand is one you can trust in our opinion. ✈✈✈ Here is your chance to win a Free Roundtrip Ticket to anywhere in the world **GIVEAWAY** ✈✈✈

Things to do in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Sausage (spicy) Served with cucumber, fresh ginger and lettuce Gang Hungleh (Northern Pork Curry) One of the .