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Beautiful design of Articuno, the legendary Pokemon. The brightness of the sunset gives this illustration a lot of depth, and I love how Articuno's giant tail leaves shadows on the rock that it's on. Fantastic illustration.

Articuno the freeze pokemon. "By freezing moisture in the air, Articuno can create blizzards.

Lmao Change my grandsons name to make it even XD This is great!

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Manga Art by MintDui

artist_name beak bird claws feathered_wings feathers highres mega_pidgeot mega_pokemon no_humans pidgeot pidgey pokemon pokemon_(game) pokemon_oras red_eyes sa-dui signature wings

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Vous êtes des génies les gars --> Awesome, wish I could read french though ^^''

Yveltal by Haychel

"this awesome dude is the reason why i chose Pokemon Y. Yveltal by *Haychel on deviantART"

Devourer of the sun by Le-av.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt (Solgaleo)

i am still pretty shocked that solgaleo is weak to fire…haha, but thats gamefreak for ya, this legend its still pretty cool! Devourer of the sun