Pistachio Hydrangea

The Pistachio Hydrangea - mophead cluster of flowers begins festooned in chartreuse-green. As they mature, the center changes into violet red with the outside edges chartreuse-green.

hydrangeas at dusk by Something To See, via Flickr

Hydrangeas are among some of our favourite flowers thanks to their visual appeal and the fact they are relatively easy to care for.


purple hydrangea so beautiful. After event turn plants over.place in dark room or area for several days. Should dry and will keep color. to be reused over and over again with joy.

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Serenity in the Garden: Beautiful Blue Hydrangeas. Does well as long as they have steady moisture & afternoon shade! It does need sunshine to bloom correctly, but it will burn up in the sun in the summer.

Splendor in the South

Hydrangea is called "Hortensia" in Spain and Portugal. Hortensia was a Roman lady whose oratory skills won a reduction in taxes for wealthy Roman women.