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"It must be very comfortable to get home and just land flat on this plush chair." he laughed as London looked out of the window nervously. "Do get up, you cant be seen here, and tie your vest back up for goodness sake!." He faked surprise. "Why Miss London, how inhospitable. I was hoping I would receive a good long kiss, but you wont even let me sit down in your pretty house." She shook her head and stood on her toes to give him a peck. "Now go before they catch  you".

Phillips-Barton Phillips-Barton Arce-Merrill Johnny Depp photographed by Mark Seliger, 2004

Ele també já foi muito "fofinho"

Johnny Depp, incredible relatively young actor, if he can continue his pursuit and quest for excellence, he will be one of the best actors in film history! Keep it up Johnny, boy!

Johnny Depp - Photoshoot 1993

Johnny Depp - Photoshoot 1993

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp talks about his love for tobacco in new interview

whatdoiwear: “Actor Johnny Depp captured by fashion photographer Bruce Weber for the cover story of Interview’s Magazine’s April 2014 edition. Johnny was styled by Karl Templer, with grooming by Joel.

Johnny Depp with daughter

“I mean, those things are a real bastard to put together, so frustrating that they will send you to the verge of a nervous breakdown.” Johnny Depp on constructing Lily Rose’s Barbie train set