Haunting images of churches across the world that were 'drowned' to make way for man-made dams and reservoirs

Abandoned Bell Tower of St. Nicholas Cathedral in the town of Kalyazin, Russia, which was submerged to make a reservoir in 1939

The ghost town of Potosi, Venezuela hasn't been on anyone's travel radar much since That was the year when the town of approximately inhabitants was deliberately flooded by the Venezuelan government to build a hydroelectric dam. The church resu

Jail - Eastern State Penitentiary - End Of A Jouney Photograph - Jail - Eastern State Penitentiary - End Of A Jouney Fine Art Print. places where has on the things people abandoned.

After the apocalypse: Haunting photographs show the sprawling ruins of Chernobyl 27 years after nuclear disaster

Chernobyl Alientation zone: Large public buildings are now simply falling apart: ceiling tiles have dropped off and smashed, wall claddings have slid down

Teufelsberg: Abandoned Cold War Listening Station Built on an Artificial Hill…

An urban explorer's holiday album

An urban explorer's holiday album: Traveller who spends his free time visiting abandoned buildings around the world (despite being arrested .

Haunting images of churches across the world that were 'drowned' to make way for man-made dams and reservoirs

Church of the Holy Rosary, India- A surreal and beautiful sight, the Church of the Holy Rosary in Karnataka, India emerges and sinks beneath the waters every year. This is a story that intertwines a church built in the near Hassan, with a dam built in the

The final curtain: Stirring collection of photographs captures once enchanting theaters that have been abandoned and left to crumble

Julia Solis traveled around the United States and Europe photographing more than 100 abandoned performance spaces for her fascinating project, Stages of Decay.

Petrolandia was a town in Brazil near the river of Sao Francisco, which was moved when the Luiz Gonzaga Dam was constructed. The only structure left standing is the church, its arches still visible above the water.

Lugares maravilhosamente destruídos

The Farwell Building, architects Bonnah & Chaffee, the Russel Wheel and Foundry Company and Tiffany Studios of New York, Photographer Philip Jarmain

100 Best Castle Photographs

Birtsmorton Court, Birtsmorton, near Malvern in Worcestershire, England…

This town was abandoned because the Nazis rounded all the citizens up & killed them. France left the entire town untouched as a memorial. The people were buried, but the items; cars, bikes, baby carriages, still remain

Vatican Museum stairs (by clovis!) - Vatican Museum stairs (by clovis!

It's all falling apart! There are not many Victorian Piers left. Visit England soon before everything crashes into the sea.

Holy Land USA, a long-shuttered, Bible-themed amusement park containing a modest replica of Bethlehem. The park, which opened in the and closed in the is now decrepit and overgrown, its buildings graffitied and falling down.

This the abandoned control room in an unused part of a thermal power plant near Budapest, Hungary. The control room, with its Art Deco opal glass ceiling, was designed by Hungarian architect Reichl Kalman in 1926. It is listed and protected by law so that it can't be demolished, but it is not being maintained or preserved and is not open to the public.

The empty control room of the disused Art Deco Kelenföld Power Station in Budapest, Hungary. The owners of the building occasionally open its doors to the public for tours. Photo: Andreas S