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No...most likely, this will be you

16 GIFs That Take On A Whole New Meaning In Reverse

Funny pictures about The Best Reversed Gif Ever. Oh, and cool pics about The Best Reversed Gif Ever. Also, The Best Reversed Gif Ever photos.

Just love this!  Elsa really should have known not to wear a cape....   #disney #frozen

Monday Memes: Let It Go

First thing I thought was when I saw Elsa get rid of her cape was "I liked that Cape!" but I then "No capes darling." XP <- ah yes, Edna Mode has been here.

Also if all the ice melted in arendelle when elsa unthawed her heart. Then wouldn't else's ice castle melt too?

My Theory on the Origin of Elsa’s Powers

It makes more sense if the King of Arendelle and the Queen of Corona are brother and sister. They look more like siblings than the Queen of Arendelle and Corona.

Frozen / Mean Girls crossover - "How do you explain Ana??" Oh my goodness!! This is perfect!

Frozen / Mean Girls crossover - "How do you explain Ana?" Oh my goodness! This is perfect! Wow, so where is the Frozen/Harry Potter/Mean Girls mashup?

The Rapunzel and Flynn one is obvious but just because you see a black girl in a green dress and a white girl in a blue dress doesn't mean it's Cinderella and Tiana

More Cool, Cute, and Spooky Halloween Ideas

Now I have to watch Frozen to see if that's really Tiana & Cinderella! I already knew Rapunzel is in it.


Disney Logic: Always reach out and touch it if it's creepy, glowing, or enchanted

Tell me I'm not the only one to have found this? Surely not... Come on, don't let me down!

Top 30 Best Frozen Quotes and Pics

Also, would like to point out that frozen itself is not a fandom. Frozen is one of the many movies in the Disney franchise, and the fandom itself is the Disney fandom. Not the frozen fandom.

But I Know All the Words!

But I Know All the Words!

Watching a Disney movie will always sing the Disney song while watching Disney movie

Pocahontas, Anna And Olaf Can Relate To Each Other…

Pocahontas, Anna And Olaf Can Relate To Each Other! my favorite Disney Characters!

Dump A Day Funny Pictures Of The Day - 92 Pics.... So messed up!! Hahahah

How did I not realize that Elsa created Olaf while she was singing "Let It Go" until just now?